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    I am new to this forum and installed your theme this morning.
    I am struggeling with my main menu at the moment with regard to a Full-HD screen size on a tablet.

    In your theme demo on your website, everything worked fine, which made me purchase the theme.
    Now that I installed it, it is not working as expected.

    The particular menu structure looks like this:
    — Contact
    |—-> Guestbook

    My expectation is, that I click on “Contact”, and the dropdown opens. Afterwards, I either click Contact again or I click on the now visible Guestbook link.
    But I have no chance to access the Guestbook because the first touch already triggers the loading of the page with the contact form.

    What is the difference between my website and your demo ?
    And what can I do to make this work ?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    — Best regards,

    Oh, btw: It is working well on a smaller smartphone screen. Only the high-res tablet is not working out of the box

    Sushil Adhikari

    I just want to confirm that you created a custom menu for your site with this theme?
    Also, is it possible to provide a screenshot of what you are seeing on your tablet?


    Not sure what you mean with custom menu.
    I use the standard menu system from WP, without further plugins.

    There are two menus created (main and footer) which I assigned to the menu locations. Smartphone works, Desktop works, only hi-res tablet dies not because it displays the regular page (looks exactly as in Desktop browser), but is not useable with hoovering effects.

    Not sure how to grab a screenshot, this is dynamic. I try a short video later.


    Hi there,

    I captured a small video. As shown, I have no chance to access the Guestbook because the “Contact” page (linked to the top level) is loaded all the time.

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Kind regards,



    The file upload failed. I loaded it to the above space.
    File size is approx 7-8 MB.


    Sushil Adhikari

    Thanks for the video… I’m trying to figure out what the issue is here and how you described it and by watching the video. Am I assuming that the guest book link is not working? Also, what tablet are you using ?


    Yes, correct.

    There is one key difference on your demo that I discovered right now. You have menus, sub and also sub sub menus, which all expand in your demo. But you do not have link targets behind the menu entries.

    I would like to access the contact form on level one and the guestbook on level two.

    I have a LG G Pad 8.3“ Android device with 1980×1080 px resolution. In portrait orientation, the menu switches to this other dropdown thing and everything works well.

    Sushil Adhikari

    On the demo, the non-linked menu items are like placeholders where I simply need a title to be a blank link that activates the sub menus. But this and how the menu functions should not be affected. What is odd here is that it works on your site except when on your tablet in landscape orientation (Portrait it goes to the mobile menu).

    The submenu that goes to your guestbook should work…I watched your video again and in the first part, when you first touch the guestbook link on the submenu, the browser is showing that it’s spinning (it’s waiting to load the page) as I can see the address bar has the spinning timer. Perhaps you have to wait a bit longer for it to load?

    If this doesn’t work by waiting longer for the page to load, I’m not sure what I can do because there are so many different types of mobile devices, I cannot develop and physically test themes in every single one. Here is one example of how some mobile devices, including the OS can affect a function in a website. My Celestial theme menu (which is based on the same menu as the default WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen), was not functioning in the iPhone 5. I discovered that it was actually the ios7 (the new version) was causing issues and made the submenu links white. I rebuilt the menu, and then it was fine. I was lucky enough though that I have an iphone 5 so I was able to test it in a true iphone environment.

    Let’s try a test…I just now made a page and used your guest book form code to make it so it’s as close to it as possible, and added it as a submenu on my Contact link on the live demo site. Then try it out on your tablet and see if it works for you.

    Encounters Demo


    Amazingly, it works a little bit better on your page.
    I have a higher chance to reach the lower level menu.

    Can you maybe link it to one of the sub-menu 4,5 position deep in the nested menu?

    How did you achieve to expand the fly-out without any action? this could be a acceptable workaround to leave all levels with child’s underneath without target.
    e.g., I could add a second lower level entry for the context form.

    Does it make any difference whether I link the menu entry to a WP page, category, fixed article etc?


    Sushil Adhikari

    I just moved the guest book link to the “Menus” location right after submenu four.

    And no…it should not make a difference what kind of menu link it is.


    Damn, there needs to be a tiny difference. It works perfect in your demo. What ifs going on here???

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m not sure… but here is my assumption….up to this day, there are a lot of users of Encounters and this is the first time I’ve been notified of the issue you are experiencing. How you are describing it and showing on your video, plus the fact that my demo site is working for you, it appears it’s something unique about your setup. I was going to say it might be related to your tablet device, but because the demo site works for you, it leaves the possibility of your site itself. The really hard part is to know what.

    Is it possible for me to get access to your admin and take a quick look? If so, please go to the Support page on this site and at the bottom click Email Support, then send the login info.

    Sushil Adhikari

    One more thing… I recently did an update to the theme, although I have not put it live for download, the live demo site is using version 1.6.7 (from 1.5.7). I added a secondary menu location that is full width and is below the logo area but above the banner showcase area. You could contact me and I can send you the beta of this theme version and try that secondary menu location and see if it works for you there. But also try the current location too with the new version. This is the changelog details:

    [+] Added a second main menu location below the logo (full width menu)
    [*] Recoded the menu to accommodate the second menu option
    [*] Made the logo container larger when using secondary menu (full width) for larger logos
    [*] Adjusted the top logo positioning when in mobile view
    [*] Made some adjustments when to convert the menu to a mobile view
    [*] Updated the encounters.pot language file

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