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    Hi guys,
    sorry to trouble you, I just bought your Flat Responsive theme but I’m having trouble.

    On the demo/lite version I was able to add and modify a header image for the theme. Now, on the paid version, I no longer have the option to add/modify this element in the customizer. Could you kindly help me resolve it?

    Attached is a screenshot of my current customizer.

    Many thanks indeed for your assistance,


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    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Matthew,

    We have not included the header image in the pro version, as header image is hard to configure when you need to show it on selected pages, so on the pro version you can use banner-wide position to use the same features with more additional options. You can view this tutorial in order to setup the banner/header image here.





    Dear Shekhar,

    i have the same problem and i have no access to the support pages, as i only bought the on template.
    But, to be honest, in the picture that came with the BUY button it was suggested, that the header image is included and easylie accessible as in the lite version.
    From this point, i would really appreciate to get the knowled about setting up this image, as it is on major decision point for us to choose this template.

    Hope for your understanding,

    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Dennis,

    We have found this problem to most of the users so we are going to add this in the next version of the flat responsive theme which will be released next week. and regarding not access to the pages you should be allowed to view the source, please try again.


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