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    emilia manda

    Something wrong is going on with my site. I created a new page and not only i had problems with the layout but the content went over the comment box. You can see everything here
    Any idea of how to fix it? Thanks

    Sushil Adhikari

    definitely something broke it. This is the part that takes a bit of time, but you will need to reverse what you did to the point of when things were ok. Looks like something related to your breadcrumbs; are you using something different for breadcrumbs navigation? I noticed it’s in a

    tag with an ID of breadcrumbs, and I believe this is the issue.

    Not sure if you are aware of this but this theme has pre-coded breadcrumbs ready for you. You just need to install the breadcrumbs NavXT plugin.

    emilia manda

    No, i deleted the breadcrumbs and i still have same problem; then i downloaded the fix-rss-feed plugin (because nothing is happening if you click the rss feed) and still nothing. I cannot reverse because i don’t remember what i did and this problem could be here forever and i just noticed it. Plus that i can’t write posts for a long time now because if i do and you click on it appears only a white empty page so it’s a mess here. I’m going to try and change the theme, imagine, wasted money

    Sushil Adhikari

    Hi Emilia…please contact me about this here and I will see what I can do:

    Sushil Adhikari

    I found your problem…are you using some kind of content builder plugin in your site?

    I looked at your content in that page and this is what source code I found:

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    That is a real serious pile of mess, which is no wonder it’s breaking your site. For one example, each line is in a div container and this whatever it is, and for a second example, it has a fixed height to it which is why it’s overlapping your comment form.

    What is the plugin you are using, or did you copy this content from another source?

    I’m also thinking that your optimizing plugin could also have an effect on some css for layout…these things can cause some issues, regardless of what your site is or theme being used.

    Don’t mean to be overly harsh when I said …mess, a lot of times the end-user doesn’t realize what kind of code gets added to their site when using certain plugins or even when copy and pasting from another source. But I believe whatever that is, it’s doing most of the problems you are experiencing.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I got your email(s)…so definitely it was the copying from the source you got it from, in this case, it was a Word document. These things are really nasty, but most editors now have a button to click and paste from Word, text, etc. Some (as does the WP editor) have a “remove formatting” button too. I just tried my local test site with your document and pasted the content into the “Paste from Word” button on the editor and it put in a clean article. Try it.

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