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    site: http://homeopathy-wi.com/homeopathy-madison-wisconsin/

    HI guys:

    I have built a website on the Flat Responsive theme version 1.0.1 and everything is fine. That site is now ready to be transferred to my clients domain so I went ahead and downloaded the newest version of the theme 1.0.4 and I find an issue with images.

    The images are super-enlarged. The image on the homepage is uploaded as 254 x 250 px and in fact the html WordPress Page code confirms the size: homeopathy madison wisconsinI’m David Johnson, and over the past twenty years I’ve seen thousands of people helped through homeopathy.

    Yet . . . it appears 800+ pixels on the site.

    Please note, this site is to go live tonight (8 hours) so if you’re viewing this post after that I’ll have switched to a different theme or the earlier version of Flat


    Hi Roland,

    We could not replicate any issue in your site, Could you please send the issue with screenshot and page link so that we could replicate actual issue and give solutions to you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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