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    I have two questions relating to a website I am building using the portfolio in preference.

    1. how do i keep the depth of the boxes the same to prevent the rows moving to another line on ipad?

    2. you will notice on an ipad the first category overlaps the first word?

    This is the test page http://www.cornishretreats.com/holidays/category/portfolio/

    Thank you

    Sushil Adhikari

    Because the theme is responsive, it’s coded to flip to the next line when the device window is a certain size. So I am assuming you were wanting to keep the three items on the same line as in a full view but not have it switch at the point when on an ipad? If so, then this becomes customization with the css @media queries and is not quite as easy as it may seem…there’s a bit of work involved because it requires changing the responsive coding.

    Not sure what you mean by your second question?

    Unfortunately I do not have an ipad, only iphone, so I am unable to test my themes in a true tablet format. I’ve been using this online tool to test, but based on adding your portfolio url in this tool, I do not see anything relating to your second question. Try this out here and let me know how accurate the ipad view they offer looks in comparison to your ipad (just don’t do this on your ipad, try it on your full desktop monitor) http://mattkersley.com/responsive/

    At some point this year, I plan on getting an ipad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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