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    Hi @ all,

    I have just installed the “Encounters” theme and am very happy with it. I have now my blog the way I want it to be, there is just one thing I don’t know how to fix. It concerns my blog feed: http://berlincatlady.com/blog/.

    Currently all blog posts there are shown in full length. In addition, the featured image appears on top of each of the posts. This looks weird since now each post has the same image twice and then also in such a big size.

    What I want is the blog feed to only show a teaser/the first sentences for each post, with a small image to the left (the featured image) and a link that says “continue reading”. Basically exactly what can be seen on the demo: http://demo.styledthemes.com/encounters/blog/.

    Now I thought I had all the necessary settings down. I went to “Customize” to change the size of the intro image to “small” (among the “Basic settings”). In addition, I went to the general “reading” settings and clicked on “for each article in feed, show summary” instead of full text. Yet the problem still remains.

    What can I do?


    A little success: So I figured out the whole “continue reading” thing and also that I need to move my images below the part where I put in “continue reading” in order for any images to not appear on the blog feed anymore, but only on the whole post. Still the featured image stay huge.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I just looked and it appears you did solve the small image with continued reading part. As for the full post view, the image will be the size that the original image was but will resize to fit whatever container it’s going into. So if you did an insert of image into your post below the “Continued Reading”, you will need to create a new image for this that is the size you want. The image you have there is 1024×1024 and see you forced a resize to 400×400. If this is the size you want for that one, then you would create that as that size and then upload it and use that sized version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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