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    Grant Oster

    I am loving the reloaded theme. I started out with the original Celestial theme and am enjoying the updates.

    I have a caching problem I am hoping you can help me with.

    I use WT3 Cache and when I turn Minify on, the only problem that I have is that when the screen is small or on mobile, the menu disappears and a menu button appears. With the minify on, the button is unclickable.



    Sushil Adhikari

    Thanks! I definitely like the Celestial Reloaded much better. A lot of inner changes happened. It was supposed to be a small update but then I started looking at my old code and thinking, OMG, I cannot believe I coded it that way! lol

    Anyway, for your question, it means that something is not working when using WT3 Cache. I’ve never used that plugin before so it’s hard for me to find a solution. I would imagine it’s similar to what I experience with my Styled Themes website because I use Joomla, not WordPress for it and I also use an extension (plugin) that does optimization like WT3 Cache, but not all scripts or even css can be combined, moved, or minified. On my site, I have to set the extension to exclude certain scripts and or css if they don’t cooperate. Not sure if your plugin has that capability? Plus, not sure which one would be the cause, so this is one of those slowwww processes to find which one cannot be minified. Caching and optimization plugins can be quite finicky.


    I have the same problem, all works fine but the mobile menu button 🙁
    I am not very knowledgable and therefore do not understand a thing of what you explained how to correct this problem.
    I just downloaded the template onto my WP platform on our server and build the page that is as far as my abilities go regarding website-building.
    If there is an easy way to look for and correct the problem I would be very tankful.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’ve not used the WT3 cache plugin so off hand I do not know what kind of features or settings it has to offer. But this is just like I said about my own site that uses Joomla. I use a plugin for doing similar things but sometimes when minifying css or scripts, it could affect how something in the site works. Because this relates to a third party plugin, my best suggestion is to contact their support and let them know that the WT3 cache is conflicting with the mobile menu which uses a combination of css and a script.

    My question though is what are you minifying….css or scripts?

    Grant Oster

    It is CSS. If you go through and tell it not to minify the CSS with Navigation or Menu it works; however, there are hundreds of files to sift through. It gives a place to to enter a file to not minify, the easiest thing would be to know what goes there. (I attached a picture!)

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    Sushil Adhikari

    for the css, you would enter: style.css
    For scripts (if needed) the menu navigation would enter: celestial-navigation.js

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