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    Hi there,
    Apologies if this is really banal… I’d like to use the spinning icons from the demo site on my own site but I don’t know how to create them.

    I am using pagebulder and have 4 icons in a row (similar to the demo). I can get them to animate by using the wow class + animation effect in the pagebuilder row class field, but this animates the whole row at once. I’d like these icons to animate only on mouseover / hover.

    Could you kindly offer any suggestions?

    Many thanks indeed,


    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Matthew,

    The theme currently support animate effects on page scroll only, as per your suggestion we will try to make it applicable on hover also in next version. and regarding the whole row animating it seems you enter the class at the row property rather than single property. Could you please share us the website url so we could find the problem and gave you exact solution.



    Hi Shekhar and thanks for the answer.
    My site is this one: – the icons in question are just below the Call To Action widget area.

    The strange thing is that on the Flat Responsive Pro demo you guys have it set up so the icons spin individually (seems like on.hover) – I guess we can rephrase my question as “how did you achieve that?” I imagine it should be possible also for me to do it, right?

    Thank you again,


    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi matthew,

    For the icons in the demo we have used font-awesome icons for example: to spin a font awesome icons the following code is inserted

    You need to add the flat_icons1 class to have the spinning effect. For further details about how the home page is setup view this link



    That’s exactly what I needed, thank you! 🙂

    Very best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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