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    Jolly Roger

    We are trying to use the the Responsive Slider originally used in Celestial Pro version, since that is what client wants.

    However, even with the widget title hide plugin it still shows. Or it shows the !

    If we omit the title, then we still get a gray box.

    Any solutions?

    Also is there an option to put the site into a still responsive, but “Box” style to more closely match our cart system seen here:

    Site: https://www.scubadorag.com

    Cart: https://www.scubadorag.com/cart

    Thanks ! :cheer:

    Sushil Adhikari

    first up….what happened to your site’s layout. It looks almost like the stylesheet is missing because the layout and everything is all over (broken). :whistle:

    As for the title part…I’ve discovered that there have been the odd plugin widget from a third party that doesn’t work with the Remove Title plugin. Generally this means someone is not following coding standards. However, there should be no grey box if you leave the title out.

    I will take a look again at your site but you will want to check into the broken layout and styling that appears to be missing on everything.

    As for a boxed style layout, this theme doesn’t have that option so you would need to jump into some coding to do that.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Ah, I found out why your site looked that way. You had an “s” after your http of your address.

    Now…as for the slide caption text (not title), I had this coded in the original Celestial Pro theme but this is what I used which you can add to the Celestial Reloaded stylesheet (child theme or jetpack Edit CSS)

    h2.slide-title { /* Remove the display:none; if you want the title overlay on the slide */
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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