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    Hello there. Firstly, thank you for this wonderful template : )

    I’ve been trying to create a header image for my internal pages.
    I can see the Header and Banner Image widget areas in ‘widgets’, but not how I can assign an image to them.

    There’s nothing mentioned about configuring these in the widget set-up tutorial.

    Would really appreciate your help if possible!

    Many thanks in advance

    Sushil Adhikari

    To get an image into a widget (and widget area), you will be using a text widget, but the way this is done is by doing some basic html coding:

    short description here

    This will help as well: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.asp


    Thanks so much for your quick reply, it’s really appreciated : )

    And great.. that’s all clear now; I should have thought of using html in the text widget : )

    All the very best!

    Sushil Adhikari

    You’re very welcome. Bookmark that w3schools.com site as well because it’s a great source for html and css information.

    Tanya Olivia

    How is this done? I still dont understand. Where does the coding go?

    Sushil Adhikari

    directory into a text widget content field if using a widget. It can even be used right in your post or page (switch to the “text” tab view for html).

    Tanya Olivia

    Do i have to be using a special type of Widget to locate the text field? Right now I am using the Dynamic Widget, i dont see an input field in the options (when i click on the static link). Also I am using this in the Banner Header location. Does this have an effect on what the widget displays? If there was a template that i could use like the front page (with the header already there)I life would be soo much easier. Im sure this is a really easy fix, but I am not understanding. I looked on line and found a whole new widget that is specifically for headers but it will not work on my site. 🙁

    Sushil Adhikari

    The best part is that the text widget is part of WordPress and is found where your widgets are. As for Dynamic Widgets, this is a plugin that lets you publish widgets to select pages in your site, but isn’t technically a widget itself.

    Are you just wanting to show a photo in the banner header location?

    Tanya Olivia

    Yes! Like what you did for the contact page with the map. I would like the same thing except I want a photo I created to display.( 3 different photos in banners on 3 different pages.)

    Sushil Adhikari

    No worries… just use a text widget with the <img …source code and the link to your image. When you upload your image with the media library, click on edit for it and in the upper right box is the correct link to use which links to the actual image. Then to make sure the widget is shown on the page you want (for any images), use the Dynamic Widgets plugin to do that which this tutorial helps https://www.styledthemes.com/encounters-theme-setup/55-how-to-publish-widgets-to-select-pages


    Hello’s Tanya and Styled Themes : )

    This is what I was trying to do too. Maybe step by step will help you Tanja.
    I also found what may be a bug, ST (below).

    To add different banner images at the top of each page –

    – Download and install the Dynamic Widgets plugin
    – Make a note / copy of the path to your first banner image
    – Click on ‘appearance’ then ‘widgets’
    – On the right hand side, open the ‘Banner Header’ area
    – Drag the ‘text’ widget to the ‘Banner Header’ area. It will stick there.
    – Enter this code and paste in / replace the path to your banner image (into the text widget area you just dragged across)

    Jack Carmichael Flooring (replace with your own path to your image)

    To have it showing on the page you wish –

    – In your new text widget, click at the foot of it’s screen at ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’.
    – Open ‘Pages’
    – Check the page you would like it to show on

    Repeat steps to add more banner images.

    BUG – In the end this worked for me (showed different banner images on each of my pages).

    However, as I have a gallery, and could not tick on Dynamic Widgets to not show my image on the large image page of the gallery, I had on my individual large image pages 2 banners showing.

    I couldn’t find a way around it so am still stuck with just one banner image showing on all pages.

    Any help around this would be very much appreciated : )

    Hope this helps you Tanja and good luck!

    Sushil Adhikari

    Not quite sure how you got the two image banners on the same page, which I am guessing your post single view (full post)…however, in the Dynamic Widgets plugin, when you click on “Static or Dynamic” in the widget, it opens the dynamic widgets page to assign the widget to select locations. At the very top is this:

    Set all options to ‘No’ (Except overriding options like Role, Date, etc.)

    Click on “Set all options to No” and then select the pages or other locations to show the widget. This is assures the widget will first be disabled from being seen “everywhere” but gives you the option of then choosing what and where to show it.



    I’m sure I tried that…. but will do again and let you know 🙂

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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