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    Stefan Duyst

    Hi I have been watching tutorial for the slideshow set up but I am getting stuck in one area.
    When Andre says
    “when log into your ftp to go into your wordpress site”
    this is where i am stuck! He opens another page with:

    I dont understand where that page came from????
    It has to do with when after you add the Widgetkit tab to your homepage and select add slideshow then try to select the different page style the option is under the tab appart from the default
    I hope someone understands my ranter?

    Sushil Adhikari

    That path is actually on my computer when I was doing the video, so the path will be different for each person based on their hosting setup. Anyway, I am assuming the part you get stuck on is the part where you upload the “style” for the slideshow?

    Stefan Duyst

    yes thats correct i used default stlye and slideshow is small and under my main page photo I am using the Celestial theme

    Sushil Adhikari

    What you will be doing is using your FTP program (whatever you use) and upload this folder named “celestial” found in the downloaded theme’s folder called “extras

    extras >> widgetkit >> celestial

    To this location where your live site files are:

    wp-content >> plugins >> widgetkit >> widgets >> slideshow >> styles >> Put that celestial folder here

    Then when you have your new slideshow open where you do the settings for it, select “celestial” from the Styles drop down.

    You will still need to do your slide captions which in that extras folder, there is a sample you can use in the “Caption” field, which is found in the “sample-slide-caption.txt” file. But to make it faster, here is a sample:

    Exceptionally Gorgeous

    ...and flexible in every way possible!

    Built with WordPress standards, Celestial gives
    you the next generation of design and style.

    NOTE: I just moved this topic to the Celestial Reloaded forum category.

    Stefan Duyst

    hello, thanks for the reply. Just wondering if you could possibly assist as i am new to wordpress. I have been editing a webpage which we paid a designer to develop using wordpress. As far as i can see i have no ftp server on on my pc. Do i need to install one to be able to edit styles on the plugins? All other changes i have made to date have been through uploading content, i haven’t needed to access an ftp server so just unsure how to progress.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Understandable….an FTP is a program that you would install on your computer. Basically what it does is let’s you log into where your WordPress site files are and you can upload and download files with it. There are paid ones and free ones…the most popular free one is Filezilla (Client)

    Documentation on how to use it is here:

    With your web host provider, you should have information about using FTP; info such as username, password, host address…etc. IF you are not sure what these are, you could submit a support ticket to them and get that information, but also check your host account documentation too.

    Web hosts usually have a “File Manager” in the control panel that does the same thing, but it’s not quite as flexible as an FTP program, which is why I always suggest to people to have an FTP program.

    If you still are not sure how this is done, go to the Support page on this site and at the bottom, click on Email Support. Send me your FTP information and I can use my ftp to upload the style:

    1. ftp username
    2. ftp password
    3. Host address, usually it’s something like but some hosts do it differently.

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