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    I installed the flat responsive pro as per your tutorial, importing also demo data, but the home page doesn’t display the slideshow. I have now insert a “site origin slider” but it’s not the same, also because I need to have the banner wide with slideshow just in the home page and not in all the other pages as now.
    the website is



    I solved the problem installing the widgetkit lite and set it just show on home page, but regarding photo it doesn’t cover the full width. I save the image of your demo 2400×900 and mines images have the same pixels, but I have a white line on top and bottom and at the left. Why? What are the mistakes I do? Many thanks, maria


    Sushil Adhikari

    Dear maria,

    Thank you for contacting Styled Themes support Team.

    To display widgets on selected pages you can take help of widget visibility module provided by Jetpack. You can take this tutorial as reference:

    And regarding to widgetkit issue, we have visited your site and couldn’t find those white lines. Please provides possible screenshot of the issue.

    And also please use widgetkit plugin bundles on our theme package, this may help you on this.

    We look forward for your response.




    Dear Sushil, thanks for your prompt reply.
    I’ve seen the tutorial and it’s ok.
    Right now if you visit the website you see two different slideshow, the first one has been created using SiteOrigin slide show and it fits perfectly the full width, while instead the second one has been created using widgetkit slideshow but it doesn’t fit perfectly, why this?
    many thanks for your support. maria


    Sushil Adhikari

    Dear Maria,

    Please add this css on child theme style.css or use addition css section featured which is built featured on WordPress 4.7. see here for reference:

    .fr-banner ul.slides li {
        margin-left: 0;

    Note: Please clear browser cache or place ! important, if you didn’t see this css is not rendering on output.



    Dee Reinhardt

    I installed the Widgit kit and created my scrolling banner. I added two images to test the appearance and it was sized very small. I changed the size of the image to full size updated and refreshed my test page and nothing changed. How do I fix this.

    Additionally, I want the scrolling images to be in the place of the large image at the top as in the demo page. There are no instructions on how to change it at the end of how to create the slider.

    I have not created a child theme for this site. I have not made any changes that wouldn’t move with an update.

    Please advise.

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    Sushil Adhikari

    Dear Dee Reinhardt,

    Could you please follow the steps mention on this tutorial./ Here you can find sub-menu called uses of widgit kit plugin., click on this then you will get detail guide for installing widgit kit.

    Let us know how it wil goes.


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