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    I’m having problems with the Widgetkit slideshow.

    It hangs up, especially when loading the first slide when the slideshow is set to the Ken Burns effect. This persists regardless of the size of the photographs, the style of the slideshow, or the position of the slideshow. Unfortunately the Ken Burns effect is the one everyone likes.

    The lower part of some of the letters – g in particular – looks slightly cut off.

    Also, in 2-line captions, the text in the 2nd line looks lighter, but I can’t see any reason why it would.

    My site right now is:

    Sushil Adhikari

    Hi Rosemary…. actually your slideshow looks good on my end with a nice smooth transition and images…as for the second line being lighter, I checked it but I don’t see it being lighter. It might appear that way because it’s a thinner font weight than the first line. For the g though, that I can see but not sure what is doing that other than the line height. You might want to do a css line height for that text. So if your font size is 34px, make your line height more like 38px or 40px. It was kind of hard to test that because your slideshow is continuously rotating.


    The first slides hangs and then reloads on 3 computers I’ve watched it on.

    The second line being a thinner font weight was what I was referring to. How do I fix that?

    And I don’t know what the font size is. Where do I find that?

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m still not seeing the hanging of the first slide on both of my computers…. but I also noticed that the captions are different if you are using my circumference custom style for it. The hanging of your first slide though won’t be the theme, more likely there is a delay relating to the plugin’s script on your computer(s). The KenBurns effect is very resource heavy, so this could be causing the issue for you. What happens if you change the effect to fade or something else, then see what happens?


    Changing the effect to Fade removes the hanging up and reloading problem. My impression is that the first slide still sits there longer before moving to the second slide, but I’d have to get some help timing it to be sure, and it’s not that important. When the first slide hangs up, with the Ken Burns effect, it’s only when the slideshow is loading. The next time the first slide comes around, it’s fine.

    I realize it’s not your responsibility to fix problems with the slideshow itself, I was just hoping someone would have already encountered this.

    I’m using the Circumference style for the captions. I want both lines of the caption to look the same. This is what I used for the 2-line captions:

    General Gouverneur K. Warren Monument,
    Little Round Top, Gettysburg

    If I need to make changes to the font weight, font size or whatever, I can do that (I assume in the caption itself) but I could use some help finding what it is I’m changing it from.

    Sushil Adhikari

    For your captions… the two classes you see are found in the theme’s style.css around line 3017 and the group of css that handles the captions looks like this:

    /* Widgetkit Slideshow */
    .wk-slideshow-circumference .caption {
    .caption2 {
    	font: bold 2em/1em Helvetica, "Segoe UI", "Open Sans", Arial;
    .caption2 {
    	font-weight: normal;
    .caption3 {
    	font: normal 3em/1em raleway;
    .caption2 span {
    	font-size: 0.75em;

    Caption2 (the one that is lighter in weight) is styled to be normal, where the first one is bold.

    Regarding the ken burns effect on the slideshow, it still works fine for me but I am guessing it might get that hang up for you due to something that relates to your environment (browser and version, host server, even the computer(s) you use). As mentioned, the ken burns effect is a very resource intensive effect that needs a lot of processing power. Many sliders include that effect…. does the hang up happen for you when you view the demo site for this theme?

    Sushil Adhikari

    Try this for the Ken Burns effect… set the Effect Duration setting to 800
    Caption Duration is 500
    Start Index 0


    Thanks, I’ll try that.

    I don’t remember the demo slideshow hanging up the previous times I’ve viewed it. This time it hung up slightly on the first and/or second slide. Again only the first time through, and not as noticeably as on my slideshow.


    Changing it back to the Ken Burns effect and changing the Effect Duration didn’t make any difference.


    Just wanted to let you know that the captions are fixed and I can live without the Ken Burns effect for now, so this is resolved.

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