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    Keir Watson

    I have put our contact email address in the bottom widget section, but it is rather long, so I was pleased to see an email social icon.

    I have set up the youtube and wordpress social icons fine, but how do I set up the email icon?

    I assumed that I just put the email address in it, but when I tested it (on an iphone) it flashes up “Fishing Alert” – is there a more sensible way to use it (e.g. make it link to the contact form page?)

    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Keir,

    To setup a email icon with a link. Please use the following code.

    Your Email Address

    To select various icons go to themes package folder -> Icons folder -> Icomoon folder -> demo.html and select a icon name and replace in with icon-envelope.


    Keir Watson

    Thanks for that – I can use that in my footer.

    My main question was about the social icons bar (top right of theme)

    In the social networking section of customizer you have provided an email field, my question is: what should I put in that field?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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