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    I’m not sure if this is included in the free support …. but if some of these are only miner addition to the child theme style sheet I’d be really grateful for your help.

    • I use Easy Google fonts plugin to customize the headers and the main body text. However it cannot chaneg the font in lists, menu and widgets. Is there an easy code to do that? Maybe increasein the size by % (if other changes are too complicated)
    • is it possible to reduce the area (padding ?) under the text in alert boxes?
    • is it possible to round the corners of alert boxes?
    • I haven’t found the complete code for buttons in the documention. Could you give the “scheme” for inserting a button with a link
    • There was a code for making the theme width larger, which I applied (1400 px). However it now looks very strange on mobile (you can even see it when reducing the window size on computer screen. The background / background image change shape. I’d prefere to minimize the background seen in mobile view as much as possible. Is that doable?

    Thank you very much

    Sushil Adhikari

    Basically support for customization is not really included. I can however, point you in the direction of existing code that you would need to edit or find.

    For your font size in menus, lists, and widgets, this may be the more complicated one for you because of how I coded this theme (which I did not do a very good job with it). Your menu font sizing is done from the theme’s menu.css found in the /css/menu.css location. If you open this up, you will see the areas “font-size” exists. The main menu top level is done from the style.css file around line 158 and has this font sizing of 0.875rem (which is 14px)

    #nav-wrapper {
    font:normal 14px open_sans, Arial, sans-serif;
    		font-size: 0.875rem;

    For Widgets, you can try doing custom css like:

    .widget {font-size: 14px;}

    .widget is a class applied to all widgets, so the above might help.

    Padding for info boxes (there’s no alert boxes) is found line 451:

    .info-box-mycustom {
    	margin:20px 0;

    For button classes….you can use the demo site for this reference:

    As for changing the theme page width, there is no setting or code for that, which is why when you changed it, it went funny looking. You could do it but it would require a lot of other adjustments.

    I need to let you know (and others who read this), that Preference is an old theme and the way I coded this theme turned out to be not so good. This is one of the reasons I decided to rebuild and redesign the theme as a new theme I am calling “Preferential” which will replace Preference (this is being discontinued). Anyone who has already purchased Preference and still has an active download and update period will get a free Preferential theme (you being one). I’m going to try and finish up on the live demo site today (tomorrow at the latest) which you can observe here: http://demo.styledthemes.com/preferential/

    There is a ton of changes and many new features and functionality.


    Thank you. I am looking forward to your Preferential theme !!! 🙂


    I removed the code for making the theme width larger, however the mobile view remained distorted… 🙁

    BTW, is this forum anyhow optimed for mobile devices? I only can view a vertical half page on my iphone.

    Sushil Adhikari

    If the access to your site is still active for me, I will try it in my browser in mobile view to see what is distorted.
    As for this forum being mobile friendly…only to a certain point, it’s not 100% responsive for all devices…which is out of my hands due to the developers who created this forum extension (plugin). They are working on a full responsive version, but it’s not released yet.

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