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    Hi, please is it possible…

    1) to make all links in the main content area underlined? (I don’t know how to avoid underlining all links such as titled, links in widgets etc…)

    2) to insert a margin (padding?) under each paragraph and list item, but only in the main content area? (I defind margin-bottom for “p” and “ul li” but this affect also the main menu and the search widget)

    3) add some styled tables? There are some styles in the Preferential theme (I used before) but not in Pure&Simple.

    4) add some style to 404 page? or at least… this is what appears: “?” However, there are no “links below”. How do I add them?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Zdenka,

    Here are your answers.

    1. To make all links in the main content area underlined use the following CSS . a, a {
        text-decoration: underline; 

    2. Insert margin to each paragraph and list item in main content area. Here are the selector for it. p, p { li, li {

    3. You mean table like this : . We will add it new version.

    4. Note down custom 404 page like others will be added too in next version.


    Thank you very much Roshan.

    Only for the underline thing… I still get the titles on the blog page underlined as well as all meta data and “read more” button. Any help there? So that the links are underlined only in the text itself.


    You’re always welcome. If you don’t want to those elements to have underline and only texts inside the those content then use the following CSS replacing above :

    .entry-content a { text-decoration : underline;  }
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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