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    Julie Allen

    I have followed the tutorials for setting up my portfolio but can’t get things to show up correctly. Here is the result:

    Here is the shortcode I used: [portfolio display_types=false display_tags=false include_type=project-samples columns=3 showposts=9]

    As a video producer I would like to have my videos on the individual pages instead of links to my Vimeo page. In addition to getting my portfolio to appear online correctly, is there a way to embed videos on the individual project pages?

    Thanks for the help. I’m really struggling! I am happy to send you login and password information if that would be helpful.
    Julie :blink:

    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Julie,
    The Jetpack portfolio makes a page portfolio which will display all the archives of the post in portfolio, so the result of the portfolio page is not display correctly, To display it correctly you should change the permalink of the page to portfolio1.
    and if you want to add a vimeo video correctly you can use Jetpack Shortcode Embeds and copy paste the below code with your link in the portfolio page.

    [vimeo w=960&h=660]

    where “W” is the width of the video and “H” is the height of the video.

    Do have a question if you have any?


    Julie Allen

    Thanks Shekhar,

    Where do I change the permalink. And how come the sample code you used didn’t work for me? Just curious. Is there a way to make the featured image at the top of the page be a video clip instead of a photo?

    Thanks for all your help. I”m learning a lot!


    Shekhar Bhandari

    Hi Julie,
    You can change the permalink from the page section. I have attached a screenshot of changing the permalink.
    Yes there is way to make the video appear in the featured image place. To do so Follow the following steps:-

    • Install Jetpack Plugin
    • Install Jetpack Shortcode Embeds. Going to Jetpack Features Options:
    • And on the portfolio page insert the following code.
    • I see you have vimeo video so use the following shortcode
      [vimeo w=960&h=660]

      Your structure should be like [vimeo (video link) w= width&h=height]


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