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    John Chandler

    f you look at the Network tool in your browser (e.g. press PF12. Then choose “Network”. Then refresh the page) or use a tool that shows the “waterfall” of all the things that are done when a page is visited, you will see that the wordpress page is loaded at the top…. and then a bunch of other stuff is loaded as per usual (e.g. the style sheets and images and javascript files).

    … this ia all normal….

    but then we see the wordpress page loaded AGAIN near the bottom. This is not normal and other themes do not do this. So pure and simple is slowing down webstes by doubling the amount of work that has be done to display a page.

    For example you can try it on your demo page:

    The waterfall shows that the first thing that is loaded is “/puresimple-free”
    but then if you scroll down to the bottom you see that the third one from the bottom is also “/puresimple-free”. The same page again.

    Styled Themes

    hello John,

    Thanks for spotting this.
    I checked what you describe, the whole page is not actually re-loaded twice, there’s just an additional request in cases when there’s no header background image set, causing an empty bg url request is being added that may seem like a 2nd page request in the network tab.

    We can tweak the code to improve this, I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, it has no very tiny impact on page load speed.

    We’ll tweak the code in the next release (should be out soon).


    John Chandler

    Thanks! This indeed resolves the issue. Excellent!

    Styled Themes

    we released a small fix for this (in version 4.5.0)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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