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    Hi, this is probably the wrong name for this topic as I think it was probably something that I did and can’t seem to repair. However, the issue is that I am no longer able to use the theme formatting features when making or editing new pages. I have lost all use of font colors, formatting styles (H1, H2 etc) and spellchecking. I seem to have also lost all of my menus that I previously set up. I tried to reload the child theme and that didn’t work. Short of deleting and reinstalling the Encounters Theme, is there any other way to get back to ground zero?

    Sushil Adhikari

    No worries… I renamed the topic as “Theme options not working” and also moved this to the appropriate forum of “Encounters”. So on that note, it sounds like something you might have done without realizing it, whether with the theme or even a plugin. The best way is to delete both the parent theme and the child theme and begin again. This time, load the Encounters theme in only, test the options. If these work, then proceed with the child theme and then once again test the theme options. Ultimately you want to get the site back to when it was last working for you by reversing anything you have done since then.

    There is one thing that is of concern when you say you lost your menus…the menus, technically are not theme based other than styling on the front-end, so you may also want to consider installing a fresh WordPress as well. If you have installed third party plugins, I would also leave those deactivated and one by one turn the ones you want to use on, test the theme options, etc.

    Note: I have to step out for about 2 hours, so I won’t be able to follow up until I get back in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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