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    Thomas Engeroff


    I am just working on the new Theme “Pure&Simple”.

    Is there a possibilty (or a plugin) to translate the header/footer of the posts (e.g. “Published on”, “Last Modified on” etc.)

    Kind Regards from Germany

    P.S., some hours later: First google, then ask: I found, that I have to translate via the .po/.mo file. If there is another possibilty, please let me know.

    Sushil Adhikari

    Hey the first support request for my theme….yikes :woohoo:

    Translation, changing a label is generally done from two methods:

    1. translation using a program like PoEdit and accessing the .po/.pot/.mo files (in this case, the .pot file)
    2. Manually editing the language strings in the theme files, via child theme

    You could also try the plugin, although I’ve never tried this before.

    Thomas Engeroff

    … and for quick efforts try the plugin “CodeStyling Localization”.

    Cool: You can do translations nearly “online”
    Bad: It is not running on really small hosting solutions

    I used Poedit for the bigger part and the plugin for adjustments/corrections.


    Richard Gregson

    The WPML plug in is excellent

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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