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    I opted for doing the traslation again from the new pot file. But I must be doing something wrong – now even less terms are translated than with the older version. I had a look into template-tags.php and the _x functions are still there, before “published on” and others.
    Maybe have I updated the theme incorrectly?
    Please can you check it on your side?

    To fix it… should I copy the template-tags.php into my child theme? If I do this in FTP, my web goes blank.

    As for plurals… yes this code is in my Poedit setting, when I select Czech language before saving the file for the first time. It’s not possible to change it to othe custom setting (see screenshot)

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    Dear Zdenka,

    Unfortunately, the .po file you’ve now seems to be generated from the .pot file of last version not latest version. We’ve sent you the latest .pot file from which it should be be generated. I’ve sent you the latest .pot file and you should generate it from that file. First of all, try to translate those texts which were not translating before so you can verify it to save your time. I hope you’re using 1.1.0 version of Pure & Simple.

    We didn’t remove the _x function from theme rather than we’ve regenerated .po file as _x function will allow us to use the same text in different place in different contexts so you if you translate it with right file it should be good.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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