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    Saskia Lund

    Hello there!

    After updating to 1.0.4 I noticed some issues:

    1. I spent a lot of time styling my text appearance on my site. I am using a child theme and its css to do this and overwrite the parent styles of course.
    After updating the parent theme to 1.0.4, all of a sudden all my headings, post entry meta, buttons and some other stylings were changed by the parent.
    All of a sudden the styling is set to font-family Montserrat which gets enqueued by the parent’s theme functions.php and then is being used by the parent theme’s css. I compared the 1.0.3 css to the updated file. You simply decided to add a new font-family..
    Quite annoying to be honest.
    I had to copy paste all the css selectors that were now styled to Montserrat to my child theme style.css and make them Lato again…
    I also dequeued the import of Montserrat font in my child functions.php to save load time.

    2. Styling of the html snippet “ss_tabs” no longer working.
    After updating to 1.0.4 the output of the tabs snippet is no longer styled properly. No tabs appearing etc. Please check for yourself here:
    I doublechecked my html input and the snippet.txt that came with 1.0.4. It is the same snippet ad in 1.0.3 – And my tabs used to look right… until updating the parent.

    3. pls help 😉

    Saskia Lund

    Another issue that appeared after updating:

    Console is throwing an error on every page:

    Uncaught TypeError: $(...).elevateZoom is not a function

    causing file: /flat-responsive-pro/js/flat_responsive_extras.js
    line: 146

    It is related to some woocommerce responsive jquery. I have woocommerce enabled on my site, however I am not yet using it. So it would be good, if the woocomemrce related jquery scripts, would only be called when woocommerce is being shown to the user… save load time.. etc?

    Saskia Lund

    next up:
    Mobile menu no longer working correctly:

    At screen width < 1000px the jquery and css kicks in and displays the burger menu button. However the menu does not toggle when the menu button is clicked. pls. fix Solved it for a moment after clearing browser cache. Next page reload: problem reappeared. There seems to be something wrong here. EDIT: trying to find the bugged code. no luck so far. However I found some syntax mistakes. For example: file: flat_responsive_extras.js line: 275 your code in 1.0.4

    $('ul.mobilemenu').css( {"overflow": "scroll"});

    The correct syntax according to api.jquery.com for appending css is as follows:

    $('ul.mobilemenu').css( "overflow", "scroll" );

    Weird thing is, after clearing cache in chrome, the toggle functionality returns. it never stops working when I access the site via my iphone though. only when reloading in chrome.

    Saskia Lund

    next issue:

    in mobile view at around smartphone width the slider captions start to slide above the top bar. the look gets distorted.

    suggestion to solve this, is changing the css for the captions as follows:

    .wk-slideshow-flat_responsive .caption {
        bottom: 30% !important;
        margin-bottom: -23px;

    Hi Saskia,

    Thank you for the suggestion, we are looking for issue and review the theme. After that we will decide that what should we do for update.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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