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    Hey again,

    I use cyberduck, (is that what you mean), but not really that sure how to use it.. so I always go via bluehost..

    I will attach screenshot..I’ve been working with encounters since I bought it, last year without any problems, although, I don’t watch for any updates and there is no notification on my website regarding updates so I am operating from 1.3 and I now see there have been quite a few updates i missed. Could this be part of the problem. Should I be going back and updating all versions?


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    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m guessing you are still not successful in an update? If not, I can do this one for you, but you will need to trust me with your FTP login information to access your theme files. If you are OK with this, please go to the Support page and use the Email Support to send me the FTP address, username, and password.


    Okay. Thanks.

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