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    Julia Borgini

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Deck Pro Documentation that I think may help others that purchase this theme (found here:

    1. Under Setting up your Homepage: Add comment about how users should choose the Homepage layout for this blank page. I couldn’t get the widgets to display properly until I selected the right page layout, which I wouldn’t have even thought to look at as it’s buried at the end of this Documentation page.
    2. You’ve numbered the screen print of the Homepage, but in the listing below that, you’ve missed the Client Showcase info.
    3. For the Portfolio section: The numbered screenprint is great, but the instructions are very small to read. Also, it would be good for the explanation paragraph above the screenprint to include both required and optional settings, so users can see what it shows in both cases. It’s hard to see what is displayed in either case.
    4. Under Site Title & Logo: It would be nice to include image sizes for the Logo, if I choose to use this option.
    5. Page Templates: I’d move this up higher in the Documentation page, as it’s important to know for certain setups/customizations.
    6. Page Templates > How to change page templates: I find this section confusing, and it’s not obvious where I’d need to add this code, nor how I’d modify it to add a new page template. Newbie WP users may be confused by this, and for advanced users like me, I think more info is needed.
    7. Under Live Composer: I’d recommend adding a line that states this plugin is not needed if using the Homepage widgets, as I thought I needed this to use this theme. Add a couple of lines that state it can give you more customization options on subsequent pages and is entirely optional. It’s a great feature to have, but for newbie WP users, it’s a bit misleading and confusing (Because the theme is great as-is.)
    Binaya D

    Hi Julia,

    If you are facing problem in making site same as demo then please send us your WP-login details, so that we could provide you solution asap, which helps you to to customize the theme and thank you for the feedback we will definitely improve the documentation. We hope you understand.

    And if you want to make your site same as demo, then send us the details in mail, so that other user couldn’t access your site.

    Email Address: [email protected]


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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