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    I have the following error since a few days ; no clue why :/

    can you give me a hint please ?

    EDIT : this error just appears (or is just visibile maybe) if i am in the “admin / appearance / personalisation” part of the site. It shows nowhere else…

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    Hi Martin,

    We didn’t got that issue while we checked in local site and we are using wordpress – 4.2.4 and Flat Responsive Pro -1.0.4. Could you please send the wp-login details and mention the version(wordpress & theme) so that we could replicate the exact issue and provide solution.




    Flat Responsive Pro 1.0.4
    WordPress 4.3 (last update)

    I made some extensive testing and noticed the following :

    the error DOES NOT happen under normal use. (no error messages in LOG file)

    the error DOES happen ONLY if i am in the “appearance / personalisation” area of the theme and then, just in the “flat” theme (error message generated in LOG file)

    if this information can help u ? (in any case it does not seem critical if it just happen there…)


    Hi MARTIN,

    It’s minor issue of compatibility of our theme with WordPress 4.3 and we will update in next update of our theme in very soon, please stick our social media for information. For now follow the following step to fix that issue :

    Goto Theme directory => Your theme name (default : flat-responsive-pro) =>inc =>customizer.php line no. 161(here is a line of code , comment that code as below or just delete that line)

    line of code :

    //$wp_customize->get_section('nav')->panel = 'header_settings_panel'; 



    it works 🙂 thanks alot !

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