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    Shawn Davis

    I have a question about what you might recommend for hosting webinars with your themes. There are a few new wordpress plugins on the market that will allow you to basically integrate with your video software or google hangout services…depending on the product. Here are a few that I started researching…I know the first two are known to have problems with parent/child themes and I’m waiting to hear from the developer on the third.
    1. (issues with parent child known but developers are working on this apparently)
    2. (issues with parent, child known)
    3. (expensive plugin, parent child issues is not known, but I contacted the developer to inquire about the issue.

    If you know of any better recommendations that would work well with your themes, I’d be glad to take some recommendations. I’d hate to buy something and regret it after the fact. I know this is a new area, so maybe it’s something you can experiment with for the future if you haven’t yet.

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’ve never really delved into those myself and not sure how much help I can be. However, I would think a question like this might be best directed to the host provider because it’s actually their servers that will need to sustain that capability. Also depends on how many will be involved in your webinars. You’ve already started looking into the issues relating to parent/child themes…which is a good starting point because I had no idea they would create issues.

    For plugins and scripts that do webinars, the only thing I can suggest is search on Google and read reviews, ratings, comments (especially comments), check out what support is available, and definitely send the developers questions before you decide on one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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