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    Hi Andre, how are you ?

    I tried to add more icon which I like, just as your video told, first I visit http://www.iconmoon.io,
    import the selection.json file, add more icon and download a new zip.

    My question is, after I have the new zip in my computer, which files shall I upload to the web server ?
    and upload these files to which folder ? Thank you in advance.

    Sushil Adhikari

    long time no see…I’m doing well thank you, although I am looking to a nice and much needed vacation soon.

    The font files will go into the “fonts” folder.
    But in the stylesheet, you need to replace all the icon CSS that looks like this with the new stylesheet of the downloaded icon package, but just the parts that look like this batch of code…and there is a lot of them:

    .icon-home:before {
    	content: "\e600";
    .icon-newspaper:before {
    	content: "\e601";
    .icon-paint-format:before {
    	content: "\e602";

    Make sure you keep a backup before doing anything. Keep the .json file safe somewhere on your computer too.


    Thank you always Andre, the prompt service received from here is indeed excellent…

    I followed your instruction:
    1) upload all the 4 files in the fonts folder and upload them to the fonts folder in the remote server.
    So I have 4 of the files there replaced.

    2) Regarding the style css code, I used new code and replaced the old one. Since I added more icons,
    so the icon content code is much longer. As your told, I just replace the parts as you put as examples.

    Results good, but a small problem happen. For example, I try to use icon-home2, but it finally shows icon-home,
    or when I try to use icon-office, it actually show icon-newspaper. It looks there are some interrupt code. How does this happen ?

    Sushil Adhikari

    I’m wondering if the code id’s changed for some reason….you might want to restore the original font and css and then see if those ones match up with the ones in your newer downloaded CSS file.


    Thank you Andre.
    Have a nice vacation

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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