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    I’ve been working with the Encounters theme, and I recently purchased the full theme. I love it, but I’m having an issue I can’t seem to make progress with regard the widget/sidebar layout.

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress software from wordpress.org. Although I have various widgets and some text inserted into the Top 1-4, Content Top 1-4, Inset Top, Inset Bottom and Content Bottom 1-4 areas, nothing displays (I want to utilize what’s shown here on the demo http://demo.styledthemes.com/encounters/widget-layout/). The only layout that shows any type of content are the Page & Blog Left Column, Central Column and Page & Blog Right Column. I also cannot get both the left and right column to display at the same time, which isn’t an issue because I only need the right column for now.

    When I worked with this theme in its free version last year, all of these layout areas worked and displayed perfectly. WordPress software has updated at least 3 or more times since. Is there an issue with WordPress software, or am I missing a setting somewhere? I’ve studies the tutorials and haven’t seen any addressing this issue. I’ve gone as far as completely removing and reinstalling the theme, all with no success.

    I also cannot gain control to correct the naming of the pages. My homepage, http://www.anitalovett.com should read “Anita Lovett | Leading Literary Services @ Exceptional Value” (as it used to before I purchased and installed the full theme) in the browser page title area, but it just won’t. It displays http://www.anitalovett.com instead.

    I’m not opposed to not using WordPress if that’s the issue, but I did purchase the full theme based on the demo and the ability to use WordPress as it’s a simple interface for the not-so-technical (me currently as my programming knowledge is out of date). Thanks in advance for insights!


    Sushil Adhikari

    As strange as this sounds, not all page templates have all the widget positions that you see, only a select few which are named with “Front Page….etc” on each template. So when you have a page open, go to the Template drop down list and you will see two sets of templates, the basic ones and then the ones that start with Front Page…. (these are the ones with all the extra widget positions). Not sure why I named those templates as “Front Page….” but basically these are the full widget based templates whereas the others are the bottom and left or right sidebars only.

    As for the title display of the browser, I used the default WP method, but I just now tested a change to the theme so that it will load the site title and tagline for the front page (I got this code from the default WP theme). So I can apply this as an update to Encounters which I can send you if you contact me, I will attache it to the email reply.


    Aha! Thank you! I took the Template drop down list off of “default” and tuh-dah, the widget layouts are displaying beautifully. Thank you for the info and quick response. Can’t believe I missed that one box. :blink:

    I would love to send you that email for the update. Where can I find your email or a link to email you directly?

    Many Thanks,

    Sushil Adhikari

    No worries… glad you got your widgets! As for the update, contact me directly from the bottom of the support page on this site with:

    Email Support


    Hi, Im really new at this and am getting a little frustrated setting up my site so please bear with me. I also want to use the demo layout – where is this TEMPLATE DROP DOWN LIST – also my front page doesnt have a home, blog, sample page. I have pages that I setup when using the lite version but havnt published them yet in the full version. Help :blink:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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