How to change the blog layout ?

To change the blog layout in the Lavish Pro Theme. Go to Appereance-> Basic Settings -> Blog Layouts -> and choose any one options. We have 10 blog layouts available in the Lavish Pro Theme as they are :

How to change the Featured Image size?

Lavish Pro Comes with 2 Featured Image size; Wide Featured Image and Small Featured Image, if you choose wide featured image you will see a full width thumbnail on post, and if you choose small featured image you will see a left aligned small image. 

Go to Appereance->Basic Settings -> Blog Settings -> and choose the featured image size of your choice via the checkbox.

Additionally, To hide the post thumbnail from single pages, Go to Appereance->Basic Settings-> Blog Settings-> and check the checkbox of Hide Full Post Featured Image

To change the Settings Go to Appereance -> Customize -> Basic Settings -> Blog Layouts

blog layout