How to Create 3 Levels Submenu as in the Demo Page

In this tutorial we will be guiding you to make a submenu with 3 list-items.

Generally, WordPress doesn’t offer this in default but flat responsive theme has come with this styles which will enable you to create a 3 levels submenu if your menu items are long enough. Below is the step by step process to make a 3 level list-items.

Go to Appereance-> Menus  select-menu
Click on the link of the parent menu on which you want to apply the 3 level submenu. In the example image shown right, we want features menu submenu to be 3 level so, we should click the features link. select-link
After you click on the navmenu you will get a Options CSS CLASSES(optional) on that field put the class nav_columns3 select-classes
If you do not find the CSS Classes in the links field you can get it by clicking in the screen options at the top of the wp admin area and checking the CSS CLASSES as shown in the right hand side image. screen-options