How to Create a Faq Page

Sleeky pro comes with custom post type features that enables you to create a Frequently asked questions page for your visitors, with an inbuild custom post type you just need to create questions with their respective answers.

  1. How to create a new faq questions and answers

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard
    • Go to FAQ on the left hand menu of WordPress admin panel
    • Click on the add new button at the top of the pages to create a new faq
    • Enter the questions in the title section and answers in the editor below of the title.
    • Click on publish
  2. How to Display faq on your selected pages

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard
    • Create a New Page
    • Copy the shortcode for faq which is [style_faq total="8"] you can enter the number of faq you want to show in one page with the help of the total parameter.
    • Click on Publish/Update