How to create a website of your dreams without a single line of code

how to make a website without coding

If you dream of creating a site with almost no code, then this is not a dream but a very real desire. Unfortunately, not all of us are IT specialists, not all of us know programming languages and know how to create websites. This path is difficult and thorny, so if you do not have the time and money to overcome it, use a website builder. The program is designed for people without ultra-high technological knowledge, and if you are about to choose one, so here you can read trusted reviews and opinions about these tools. Many people now use website builders and do effective business. The dream website is close, choose the best way to realize your desire.

Many developers spend time on dashboards and free templates from the Internet, which automatically creates unnecessary code lines.

What are lines of code?

Lines of code are the source code of the program that creates your dream website. One line is converted into a machine design. It can generate many other functions that are available in C ++ or Java programming languages. The question “do I need a code?” in our century is rhetorical because the answer is unequivocal “yes”. The worst enemy of a good code is its length, so we’ll you how to avoid those extra long lines of code. If all the code markup is spelled correctly, the user will see the site’s correct look, and all the details are visible in the text editor.

A web page consists of two types:

  1. Visualization (page view).
  2. Code “behind the scenes”.

On the Internet, you can look at the source code of any page.

Landing page

This is the first thing a startup needs, especially if you are just starting your journey. Landing pages are important for creating a dream site because they provide brand promotion on the Internet. You will be able to collect users’ email addresses, research the market, collect feedback from people about your product or service. Landing pages should attract the most attention from the creators of the site because the verification of codes must be careful.

Choosing a domain name

A domain name takes away the need to find a reliable hosting provider.

Make the path to dream success easier. Basic tips for choosing a domain name:

  • ends with .com (for example,;
  • simple pronunciation and spelling;
  • uniqueness;
  • the place to expand;
  • keywords;
  • no hyphens, etc.

Domains have not been a mandatory part for a long time, but they are important for the SEO promotion of a website. Pay special attention to keywords which you use – the peculiarity of a dream website without lines of code is that it guides the user to the final stage of development but through every step.

Optimal code length: 80-100 characters. Often 120 characters are the accepted number for a good line code. The maximum is 2048 characters, but hardly anyone wrote them or any user was interested. However, some forums mention more than 10 thousand characters in one code.

If the string exceeds the limits, they are difficult to read. The user starts looking for horizontal scrolling in the viewer.

Google has the longest code length compared to other browsers. 2 billion lines of code fit in one cloud storage. Some browsers create their version control codes.

Not all lines of code are the same

Some lines require a website builder to connect and this saves a lot of effort. Also, measuring code in a few lines does not mean that it is a very high-quality code. We hope you understand this from our previous tips.

Imagine yourself as a customer

Take care of Home Page and Blog Page – the static first page captures the user’s attention. You can choose templates or create your design with the help of a website builder. Without long lines of code, you can program the home and blog pages with the best message.

Some interesting facts. DNA is the most complex code in the history of the world. The cell contains 3 billion codes. You do not need to follow Mother Nature’s example and prescribe a long code on your website. We guarantee that in this case, you will not get the dream website.

Website developers update their features every day and one of them is shortcode. Even businesses with a small budget should better invest in a website builder.

It’s easy to use, and you’ll always have the advantage of achieving your dream site. It does not matter the purpose: online store, company page, diary, personal website – the website builder makes it possible to be different from others.

How to create a shortcode with your own hands

If you want to learn how to create your linear code, we will not envy you because it is a long process. One training can last several years. However, nothing is impossible.

If you know HTML tags, it will be easier.

To create a base web page you need:

  1. Open a new blank page (File – Create).
  2. Copy the standard HTML code.
  3. Save the index.html file, and don’t forget where you saved it.

Website created. You’re great. There will be many nuances about the settings, so if you want to save time – refer to the website builder. The study of HTML in the 21st century is very useful. However, many people find it easier to launch a site with all the technical capabilities in a short time.


The modern age for every entrepreneur means that the website must be accurate. To stand out from the others, you should pay attention to its creation. Long codes do not attract users, but the situation can be easily corrected with website builders.

To be a professional on the Internet, don’t write long codes when creating a website, and to do quality business – use website builders, they’ll save you in any situation. Now you know how to create a website of your dream without a single line of code.