How to display to display Top widget above the banner

1. Firstly create the home page and while creating the home page you need to select the Page temaplate as “Homepage” for reference you can view following image:Edit-Page--Sleeky--WordPress



Then update the page.


After you complet the above steps you need to select the stactic front, so for it you can follow this tutorial.


Then the final steps to use the Widget, so you can follow the following steps for it:

Go to Dashboard => Appearance => Widget => Then you can see the TOP 1 Widget where you need to keep the Text widget inside the Top 1 widget, after you keep the Text widget inside the TOP 1 widget you can see the content area os text widget where you need to the keep the code and save it. For reference we have kept the code below from demo:


 <div class=”sleeky_top_widget”>

<img src=””>

<h4>Multiple Features</h4>

<p>We believe in smart planning and an efficient approach to execute the ideas developed after in-depth evaluation and analysis.</p>

<a href=”#”>Get Started</a>



Then save it.


Same as above you can use TOP 2 and TOP 3 widget for other.