How to find your theme options

Lavish Pro uses the WordPress Customizer which is a feature WordPress offers you to make changes to your active theme. Every theme will load up within the customizer, but what will be different from theme-to-theme are the settings and options they offer. The customizer gives you a live preview window of your website, and within the left column, you will see a series of tabs, each labeled as to what they are for.

Access Your Customizer

There are a few ways of getting to the customizer:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize
  2. In your Dashboard home page, click on the big button labeled as “Customize Your Site”
  3. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Customize
  4. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Details >> Customize

The two most common methods are from the dashboard home page and the menu under Appearance >> Customize