How to setup the Recent Posts widget with thumbnails

Encounters lite (just like the Pro version of Encounters) has styles included to give you a nice Recent Posts layout when using the “Recent Posts Plus” plugin. Your widget gives you the option to show Featured Images from your posts (required for the thumbnails), as well you can get different layouts.


Step 1 – Install the Plugin

  1. Go to Plugins >> Add New
  2. Type in the search field for “Recent Posts Plus
  3. Click install, then activate it

Step 2 – Setup Your Widget

  1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets
  2. Drag a Recent Posts Plus widget into the widget position you want this in…most common will be the blog right or left sidebar column.
  3. Set your options and settings (see the screenshot and code below)
  4. Click Save

Widget Options – Demo Site Example

This is a what the live demo site of Encounters Lite has for it’s settings, although, your’s might be a little different if you are using different categories. For select categories, you can enter them in as I have below, but simply change the id’s to your own.


Widget Output Coded Template

Use the code below as a template:

<li style="margin:6px 0;">{THUMBNAIL}<h4><a title="{TITLE_RAW}" href="{PERMALINK}">{TITLE}</a>
</h4><span class="rp-date">{DATE}</span>{EXCERPT}</li>

IMPORTANT: You will notice a forward slash / just before {PERMALINK} in the code above. My editor is putting that in automatically, but make sure when you copy this code that you remove that / after you pasted it. It should look like the screenshot above.