How to show any widget on specific pages

This video in this series provides an overview of how to assign widgets to select widget positions throughout your website. By default WordPress will publish your widget to “every” page that has the widget position you are using. The problem with this is that you do not get the flexibility of showing a widget (or widgets) on specific pages only. We will need a plugin called Dynamic Widgets because WordPress does not offer this capability.

UPDATE: You may want to check out another plugin that appears to be easier, called Display Widgets

To see what available widget positions you have available for this theme, you can check out the live demo website here:

Widget Positions

Covered in this video:

  • Introduction to the available widget positions of Celestial Reloaded.
  • Installation of the Dynamic Widgets plugin.
  • Creating and assigning widgets to select positions.
  • Using the Dynamic Widget settings to publish your widgets to select pages.