How to work with Google Fonts

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use Google fonts in Encase pro theme.

What is Google Fonts ?

Google Fonts is an interactive directory of free hosted API for web fonts. This directory has now more than 650 web fonts and it’s increasing each day. You can find those fonts here : 

Getting Started

  • Download the Plugin
  • After you have downloaded the plugin Activate the plugin
  • After you activate your plugin you can go to Settings menu, and select google fonts
  • Choose font from the dropdown and click on the show options, afterthat select the tags where you want your google fonts implemented . For example if you want your h1 class to be font “abel” choose font abel and select the h1 property.
  • If you want different fonts for all selector you can choose the fonts from font1, font2 and font 3 respectively.
  • After you have choosen the fonts your are ready to go! cheers 

Note: Using many google fonts can slow down your website, so we recommend you to use up to 2 fonts for your site.