Installing/Updating Themes

In this tutorial we will be showing you how to install as well as update one of our WordPress Themes. If you are experienced with WordPress, or know how to install/update themes, you can skip this tutorial. However, if you are new or a beginner, this tutorial is for you. Let’s Begin….

How to install a New Theme

Step 1. Firstly, Download the theme zip file from via your Purchase Receipt email download link or by logging into the My Account section of our website

Purchase Receipt example:

My Account section on our website example:

The name of theme file may differ if you are using another theme from our selection – but it’s usually the first one in the list and with the format: (with the version number at the end of the file name). That’s the zip you need to upload to Appearance / Themes.

Now Log In to WordPress Admin Panel.

Step 2. Go To Appereance -> Themes.


Now Click on Add New.


Since you are uploading theme from your downloaded folder path of computer choose upload theme.


Select the (or the applicable one to your theme choice) from your download folder and click Install Now.


After you click on the install now, the theme will be installed automatically and a page will come as below screenshot.


Step 3. Click on the Activate option, after you click on the active option a page will display like the below screenshot and your theme is installed.


If you want to also install a child theme just follow all the steps exactly and Install the second download file that is named in a format – in above example

Entering your license key to activate one-click updates?

With your purchase you receive a license key for each theme that you can use to activate your copy of the WordPress theme and get one-click updates and update notifications directly to your WP admin dashboard.

This is handy so you always get notified via your site admin about new versions of the theme and you don’t need to keep checking our blog or social media profiles for release updates.

Copy the license key from the Purchase Receipt email or from our website My Account / License Keys section

Paste this license key in your site admin under Appearance / Theme License and click Save Changes.

If the license key is valid then the you can click the Activate License button

Once the license is activated successfully you will see information about your license expiration date and active site count.

In case your license key is invalid or expired you will also see a notification here about that.

The last method below is only applicable for theme versions released before 2016:

How to update your theme if you are using an older version that doesn’t have One-Click Updates License key integration yet?

If you purchased your theme on our site prior to May 2017 that means your theme may not have license key and one-click update functionality yet. You can easily check if this is the case: if don’t see a “Theme License” menu option unser the “Appearance” admin menu then you have an older version.

In this case you need to update your theme manually one last time before you can take advantage of the license key integration.

Please to go to the My Account section of and follow the instructions in Step 1 download steps on the top of this page.

Before you get ready for updating the theme it is highly recommended that you make sure to take a backup:

1.) If you edited the WordPress theme File previously update may remove the settings that you have saved, so make sure you have used child themes.

2.) Backup your current theme using FTP (or cpanel File Manager) and save it to your desired location. Go to your themes directory ->> wp-content –> themes using FTP and download the theme that you want to backup.

ftp download

3.) (optional) If you want to be extra safe and backup all your theme customizer settings, you can also install this plugin which allows you to export a .dat settings file with all your widget and customizer settings in it. Install the plugin and go to Customizer / Export/Import and click Export.

Now Time to UPDATE:

Go to Admin->Dashboard->Theme and select another theme that you have installed except the theme that you are going to update and activate the theme. in this tutorial we are going to active the Twenty Fifteen default theme of WordPress.

active another theme

Go to the Theme that you want to update and click on it and a box will appear like the below screenshot.

click the theme

Click on Delete.

As you click on delete options a popup box will appear as shown in the screenshot below.


Now your theme has been deleted. Now follow all the steps of installing the theme as we have mentioned above.

After you complete all the steps your theme has been updated and you can start using the license key enabled one-click update which will make things much easier.