Introduction to HTML Snippets

HTML Snippets are like mini-templates that you can use inside your page content and found in your theme package that you downloaded. Generally you have themes with shortcodes, but this theme uses HTML Snippets instead because they are true HTML compared to shortcodes; shortcodes can also be a bit confusing as well when you copy and paste them into your page (more on this in a moment). This theme currently offers the following snippets:

  • Info Boxes
  • Blockquotes
  • Page dividers
  • Icon Font usage
  • Widget styles
  • Buttons
  • Drop cap
  • Form Styles

How you use these will be up to you, but for most of the snippets that relate to in-page elements like info boxes, list styles, etc., these text files also contain some instructions which you may want to print off as a reference for each one.

I should also mention that snippets are moving into plugins so that you do not lose the snippets in your page or post content if you change themes. HTML snippets and even shortcodes can be lost until you copy the CSS over into your new theme. I am considering developing theme plugins to do just that.

Screencast Tutorial

You can view this video in a full window.