Introduction to page templates for Celestial Reloaded

December 24, 2013|

This video in this series provides an overview of available page templates that comes with the Celestial Reloaded theme. There are several templates that are setup to give you a variety of layouts, some are created for a website’s front page, but you can use these inside your site if you wish.

Available templates are:

  • Default (has a right column)
  • Page Centered Heading
  • Page Full Width
  • Page Left Column
  • Page Left + Right Columns
  • Page Right Column
  • Page Widgets Full Width
  • Page Widgets Left Column
  • Page Widgets Left + Right Columns
  • Page Widgets Right Column
  • Page Widgets Only

Covered in this video:

  • Introducing you to the available page templates.
  • How to select a page template.




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