Introduction to Widget Styles

Pure & Simple includes a series of preset widget styles that you can use for almost all widgets. You get 3 widget styles including the default style with this theme. The current colours available are:

  • No colour (default)
  • Green
  • Tan
  • Rust
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey

Although the styles are coded in the theme’s stylesheet, you will need a plugin called “Widget CSS Classes” to apply the styles by using CSS classes in your widgets. When this plugin is installed, it puts an input field at the bottom of your widget where you type in the class for the style(s) you want for that particular widget.


Available Widget Style Classes

  • default (no class needed)
  • widgetbar
  • widgetbox

For example, if you want a widget to use the “widgetbar” style, you would type in:


If you want to add colour to it instead of the default grey, you can add a colour like this, but make sure you put a single space between each class you add:

widgetbar grey

To see the available widget styles and colours, check out the live demo site here:

Widget Styles

Screencast – Widget Styles