Pure and Simple Updated to 1.1.0

Pure and simple was updated to version 1.1.0 with feature additions and some fixes. Now, you have options to position the primary menu according to your preference along with the option to make it fixed or sticky. Also, in this update, Pure and Simple is added with accordion and FAQ with html snippets. Mainly for language translation, the puresimple.pot file also has been updated.  

 Changes Made

  •         Added the primary menu positioning options
  •         Added the Sticky Menu option
  •         Added accordion and snippet
  •         Added the FAQ and snippet
  •         Updated the puresimple.pot language file

 NOTE: A reminder that if you made any changes to the theme’s files, including the style.css file, these will be overwritten. It’s also recommended you make a copy of your theme and save it somewhere as a backup.