Revolution Slider Integrated on Styled Themes Lavish Pro

Styled Themes have decided to integrate Revolution Slider to our themes. Our purpose is  to provide quality themes with easy interface to make the beginner as well as pro users comfortable to build their site.The Most important part of the website is the front page-look and features. We have recognized that users want a modern, responsive and effective slider to present their showcase which will eventually attract the viewers.

Revolution slider is a premium slider available for WordPress. The popularity of the slider is high in the WordPress community due to it’s tons of features and users-oriented interface which enables the beginner as well as pro users to easily setup their slider from scratch.

Why Revolution Slider?

Revolution Slider is our choice due to its all purpose slide display solution, ease to use any type of content with effective customization, its transitional effects and animations. The most important factor for this choice is the user oriented interface and options which is easy to use for both beginners and pro users. Additionally,The use of documentation is easy in the revolution slider.This is also one of the major reasons for our choice.

The major features of revolution slider are:

Responsive Layouts

Revolution Slider will showcase your slider at different resolution screens perfectly. Responsive layout plays the vital role for creating a successful website. Revolution slider provides you the exact solution. The layouts available are fixed, custom, auto-responsive and full-screen. The fixed option can be used to create a fixed layout slider, custom option will allow you to create custom sized slider and auto-responsive option will make the slider auto responsive and the full screen option will give you the option to choose the slider display on full-screen.

Easy Options

Revolution Slider makes it easy for you to create custom sliders by using the options such as slide delay, navigation arrows, slider location (add margins), add media layers, select slide transition and many more.

Media Support

You can add text, links, images and videos as per your choice. The slider gives you the power to create animated, user-oriented slider which creates the identify for your readers and clients.

Can we get Revolution Slider on Lavish Pro Theme?

Yes, you will get revolution slider on Lavish Pro theme, we have included the documentation itself in the package so that users can easily identify and use the slider for their respective purposes.