Setting up your main menu and other menus

Preference comes with three (3) predefined menus for you, although you can create more as you need them. Before you create your menus, you will have what is called a “fallback” menu which means when you install WordPress, you will get a basic menu of pages showing like this:


However, for this theme, you have:

  1. Primary Menu – This is the main menu of your site and will be located at the top of your content page
  2. Footer Menu – This is the footer menu that is located at the very bottom of your page and just above the copyright notice
  3. Portfolio Menu – This is a special menu that performs like a typical portfolio filter, except it’s not quite a filter (more on this in the Portfolio tutorial)

Again, I will assume you know the basics of WordPress, but I will go through the setup for this theme.

Setup Your Primary Menu

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus
  2. In the “Menu Name” field, type in what you want to name your menu, for example, Primary Menu and then click the “Create Menu” button
  3. Then in the left side, you should now see a box that is labeled as “Theme Locations“. In the Primary Menu setting, select the menu you just made and then click “Save
  4. Now you can begin adding items to your new menu…don’t forget to click “Save Menu” whenever you make a change.

Setting Up Other Menus

The procedure for this will be exactly the same as your Primary Menu. So for each additional menu you create, you will be clicking on the [+] button at the top as you see in the screenshot above. Your next menu might be the Footer Menu so I would simply name it that, then in the Theme Locations box under the Footer Menu selection, choose the “Footer Menu” you just made. 

Setting up the Portfolio Menu

This is a special menu setup because instead of using a script to filter a portfolio with multiple categories, it’s a lot easier and better to use a menu. If you plan on using more than one category for your portfolio, this might be a good solution to offer your visitors a way to go to each category. Each menu item you add to this will be a “Category” type menu item. So instead of dragging pages into the menu like you normally would for other menus, this one you will be dragging the portfolio categories into it.

This menu will automatically show on a special portfolio category page that is part of this theme, so you do not have to do any coding…simple for you! This will show up just between the category title and description and the portfolio items themselves. You can see this on the live demo site for Preference here:

Portfolio Menu Demo