Setup your logo

With Preferential Lite, you get several logo and title options to choose. You can use just a logo, a text title only with tagline, or a logo with a title and tagline. Please note your logo with a title and tagline will sit centered above the title.

  1. Default Logo – Allows you to use the default logo with your own site title and tagline
  2. Your Logo – Allows you to use an image for your logo and title as one
  3. Logo with Title and Tagline – Allows you to use your own logo and have it positioned like the default logo layout with your site title and tagline
  4. Text Title – No logo, just a site title and tagline option

Choose Your Option

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Title & Tagline
  2. Choose one of the 3 options:
  3. If using a logo, uploaded it
  4. Edit the Site Title and Tagline
  5. Click Save and Publish

Margin Adjustments

You may need to adjust your margins for this container with the setting “Logo Margins” located on the Site Title & Tagline tab. Default setting is:

30px 0 30px 0 (means 30 pixels on the left and right and 0 pixels for the top and bottom)

When adjusting, make sure you put the value like this sample:

5px 12px 16px 5px