Stylistic Pro v.2.0.0 Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Stylistic Pro Theme version 2.0.0! This update comes with a better look plus added functionality. Now you can use these functionalities to make your portfolio look much appealing. This will enable you to interact with your customer with much ease and dynamic way. Further you will find it highly optimized too!

So what are the added features? To list, they are:

  • Layout has been re-designed
    Layout has been redesigned to provide more appealing experience to users.
  • 2-row Template added in About page:
    Now you can add more information about yourself in the About page. We have added  more space for this purpose.
  • BlogList widget Added:
    You can post more blogs with the help of this widget.
  • Deprecated Function replaced:
    We have replaced the deprecated functions to make the site up-to date.

You can grab the theme and start using it easily. Just visit this link: