Encounters is updated to version 1.8.0

March 17, 2015 |

Encounters was updated to version 1.8.0 with bug fixes and favicon support addition. We have fixed Widget display bug on the page templates. Along with that the two menus that appeared while browsing in mobile is also fixed. The font size bug is also fixed in this update.

Encounters is updated to version 1.7.9

February 19, 2015 |

Encounters was updated to version 1.7.9 with important updates. This update includes feature requested by many clients using Encounters Premium Theme. This latest version added tumblr icon and FontAwesome Icons including feature image customizer in single pages.

Encounters is updated to version 1.7.7

Encounters was updated to version 1.7.7 which adds several new features, including a few new theme option settings. One of the bigger fixes is the portfolio which was creating an error with the layout and the item excerpts because the excerpt code was no longer valid code. I also added a theme option setting to have a secondary menu (full width menu) with a background colour. By default, this is set as transparent (no colour). I also made a few adjustments with some layout and styling relating to the secondary menu, but also the showcase outer container where I added more padding on the left and right sides. I also changed from % padding to px (pixels) to make it easier for everyone. You can check out the rest of the changes below…

Encounters is updated to version 1.6.7

January 18, 2014 |

Encounters was updated to version 1.6.7 which adds a secondary main menu location for anyone wanting or needing more space for bigger menus. This one is located below the logo and above the showcase banner. I’ve also made several menu styling adjustments as well a few for the logo when viewing your site in mobile devices.

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