In this tutorial we will be showing you how to setup Woocommerce Hopepage as our Woocommerce demo page. For this you need to install following plugins: WooCommerce Widgetkit JP Widget Visibility Adding a page for woocommerce products: Go to dashboard-> Pages-> Add New  and add  page. Here we had created page called -‘ Home WooCommerce’. Then to display woocoommerce products ,add this WooCommerce shordcode in content area switching from visual to Text option in right top corner above the content area          [recent_products per_page=”16″ columns=”4″]       Note: You can  add more products per page by increasing shorcode attributes ie ‘per_page = “Number of products to show on page” and can also reduce or   increase column using columns attributes.       Adding Widgetkit slideshow in Banner Wide Sidebar  After you installed WidgetKit plugin you will get menu on dashboard called WidgetKit where you will configure for WidgetKit…    read more