Top 10 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

Making websites has never been easier than it is today. It is so easy that a 10-year-old can build a professional-looking website without help.

The credit for this goes to website builders and editors. The top WordPress page builders have made it very easy to customize websites. They work with a simple editor that has drag-and-drop.

Here are the best drag and drop builders for WordPress.



Elementor calls itself the world’s best page builder for WordPress. It certainly is the most used one. Elementor has over 5 million users.

This drag-and-drop website builder is an all-in-one solution. It lets you control all aspects of your site from one place. Not just that, the tool is extremely simple to use, making it a good option for beginners.

Elementor’s editor gives you a visual designing experience. You can edit your site from the front-end, meaning seeing changes immediately.

You can also create themes with Elementor pro. You can customize headers and footers, search bars, blog post templates, and more.

Elementor is one of the fastest editors. Every change will be reflected instantly on your website.


02_Beaver Builder-wordpress-builder

For any website solution, Beaver is the best website builder to turn to. It has a page builder, a theme builder, a theme add-on, and an assistant plug-in.

The Assistant plug-in is a productivity tool that lets you navigate your site from one place. It will allow you to handle tasks from the tool.

It is very easy to make a WordPress website with Beaver. It has tools for every use case. It can be used to build an e-commerce website, a portfolio website, and also by developers. It has clean codes and allows developers to edit with PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

The tool also helps you make SEO-friendly websites without a struggle.

WP Bakery


This is a bakery like no other. WP Bakery is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder that works with both front-end and back-end editing. Your website will be automatically mobile responsive.

The page builder highlights different elements in various colors for ease of design editing. It also lets you create themes and color schemes to suit your business.

The page builder can be extended to suit developers’ needs. Developers and coders can modify or add content elements. They can also add shortcodes to the drag-and-drop builder.

WP Bakery is compatible with all WordPress themes. It lets you customize it to your heart’s desires.

Gutenberg WP


Most of us played with building blocks when we were young. That’s because it is the easiest way to erect a structure. This applies to building websites as well.

Gutenberg WP is a no-code WordPress page builder that increases the speed of your site. Unlike many other page builders, Gutenberg also has built-in animation options.

This editor works with elements in blocks. The blocks are split into atoms (elements) and molecules (modules). A module includes tabs, columns, and carousels. Atoms include texts, images, and more.

Gutenberg editor has tons of templates available for purchase. They are all professionally built and customizable.



The Divi page builder is one of the best drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. It deploys an advanced visual editor technology which makes editing incredibly simple.

Divi lets you tinker with every element with ease. It lets you modify the effects of each background. You can add distinct shape elements and add animation to it.

Bulk editing is Divi’s most unique editing feature. It allows you to select similar elements, like the shape of a column head, and change it all in one go. You won’t have to individually change them like in other editors.

Divi lets you bring in a 3-D effect to your website with the transform feature. This, combined with the sheer number of layouts available will guarantee your site is one-of-a-kind.

Visual Composer


As the name suggests, this is a visual editor that allows front-end editing.

Visual Composer arms beginners with the tools to build a professional-looking website. The drag-and-drop blocks work with any WordPress theme.

The Visual Composer Hub has rich content elements that add another dimension to your website. You can include add-ons and be privy to free stock images. This is included in the premium version of the tool.

The premium version also allows you to create a template from scratch.

All websites designed with Visual Composer will be mobile responsive. It is auto-responsive by default. But you will have the ability to edit the layout for different screens.



Themify is an intuitive page designer that lets you customize completely. You can edit on the back-end and have a live preview as you’re editing. This quickens the process of website creation. And the best part is that it brings you all these features for free.

This builder has over 40 professionally designed layouts. All you need to do is import the layout and include the text you want. And that’s it, your website will be done.

The builder includes over 60 animation pre-sets to help make your site more user-engaging. You won’t have to worry about SEO one bit. The builder automatically creates pages that will be easily indexed.

WP Page Builder


This is a free tool that simplifies WordPress page creation. It can be used by beginners and coders alike.

The builder comes with many elements like shape dividers and blocks. You can customize these elements to suit your business.

WP Page Builder is a lightweight tool that quickens the site creation process. The site’s codes will be optimized to ensure that the website run-time is low.

This builder works on the front end. That means you can see the result of each element as you’re adding it. Your website will also be mobile responsive.

A unique feature of WP Page Builder is that it supports multilingual text. So you can reach a global audience without having to pay exorbitant prices for it.



SiteOrigin is an easy-to-use page builder with all your favorite widgets. It has a visual editor which allows you to change minute aspects about every element.

This page builder has an optimized method of writing codes. It will be very lightweight, which means your site will run very quickly.

SiteOrgin saves the history of all your edits. This gives you the freedom to experiment and make mistakes without the fear of losing your work.

Websites are automatically mobile-responsive. There are other plugins you can add to your builder. This includes the widget bundle and the CSS editor.

The CSS editor analyzes your theme’s stylesheets. With this, it’ll give you code autocompletion. This makes editing with code easier than ever.



We’ve very often been lured by editors’ promising amazing features. But to access those features, you need to pay. This is not the case with Brizy. It comes with numerous premium features at no-costs.

The Brizy editor is built with React. This is the go-to technology if UI is the priority. Users have such an easy time working with Brizy.

Brizy has pre-made designs that make it easy to kick-start your project. You can edit each element to suit your fancy.

Access elements like video background, animations, and image focus & zoom for your page. These will help you draw attention to various parts of the page.

Brizy has a unique time-saving feature like no other. You can change all similar colors on your page with just one click. You can also change text faces for all text that share properties.

Get started with your website using one of these drag-and-drop builders. If visual designing is your priority, we suggest Elementor or Divi. If you wish to build with blocks, Gutenberg WP or Visual Composer is the way to go.