Use Excerpts instead of the content summary

There’s a couple ways to display post summaries in a blog:

  1. Content summary with the classic “Read More”
  2. Using excerpts which have a set number of words (sometimes characters)

Content Summary

Using the content summary method is the most common because when you create your post, you select where you want to split your post with a “Read More” tag. This gives you a shortened version of your post on the front-end of your website with a Read More button or link.


You actually get a couple excerpt options where the first takes a certain number of words from the beginning of your post, while the other lets you create your own “custom excerpt” instead of using the content from your post.

It’s also important to know that excerpts DO NOT inherit formatting such as bold, underline, italic, etc. They also strip out media such as images. 

However, there are advantages to using excerpts, such as:

  1. You can maintain a consistent blog post summary for each post with the exact number of words in each
  2. You can insert images into the first part of your post without them showing on the post excerpts in your blog…useful if you take advantage of the Featured Image setting

How to Switch to Excerpts

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Basic Settings
  2. Under the label Content or Excerpt, select your choice
  3. For Excerpt Length, change the default 50 words to your preferred choice
  4. Click Save and Publish